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Grasping the spirit of a person through deliberately simple forms is a subtle art. To highlight engravings of figures or individuals, I take them out of their original frames and release them onto a new destiny without their traditional constraints. Once freed, the engravings share our space almost as living sculptures. They serve to remind me of the cultures that I encountered on my trips to India, Morocco and Mexico, which had nourished my art.  


First Step: Before working on the engraving, I sketch my figures in various stances in my notebook. 


Second Step: Once the drawing and the composition are satisfactory, I add the colour which is usually gouache. This second phase can take a lot of time.  


Third step: I put down my pencils when the elements stand alone or when they occupy the given space harmoniously.  


Finally, I complete the engravings in the printing phase. This is a real joy. I provide each print with as much life as possible. As concerns the printing of the proofs, each time this reserves the same amazement. 

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