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"Inhaling beauty is to recapture the wellbeing of the world and even the equilibrium of the universe."
My Motto


  I grew up between city and countryside, between a place intoxicating to the senses and the daydreaming in which I indulged in my room in Paris.


  At a very young age I became aware of my creative nature and my love of two-dimensional, colorful compositions. I felt close to the Romanesque frescoes, Romanesque manuscripts and Medieval stained glass. But it was only during my art studies that my teacher legitimized my taste for these kinds of compositions and types of artwork.


At the age of thirty I turned my attention to my three children whom I had decided to homeschool. The care dedicated to my “three living statues”, as I liked to call them, was heightened by family trips to various parts of the world. Those twenty years were intense, and they made me stronger as an artist and as a mother.


At age 50, I decided to focus my attention on the visual arts, since I realized that this discipline better corresponded to my personal and professional development. This path plunged me into the raw materials of the art form, and it is through these most natural resources that I was able to create the subtle brightness of the pigments I love.




- École Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris
- École Boule (ornamental engraving)
- Ateliers de la ville de Paris (sculpture and live models)
- Musée des Monuments français, Cité de l'Architecture
- Copy of paintings in the Louvre, Orsay and in the Musée de la Chasse


- Grands décors for the Opéra de Paris
- Festival d’Art lyrique de Nevers
- Décors de cinéma
- Carré des Antiquaires, Paris
- Exposition of toiles peintes (painted canvasses) at the town hall of the VII Arrondissement of Paris
- Exhibition at the MAG gallery, Paris
Copie de tableaux au Louvre, Musée d’Orsay
- Sceneries for theatre, events and motion pictures such as "La cité des enfants perdus"
- Salon, Futuroscope, Walt Disney etc.

2015- To date.

- Exhibition rue du Cherche Midi, Paris
- Exhibition workshop, région Centre
- Salon des Métiers d’Art d’Orléans
- Décor for a family chapel in Sologne
- Grands décors for a celebration in Italy
- Exhibition at the Château des Grotteaux – backed by VMF
- Creation and realization of a contemporary decor for a private pool
- Exhibition at Châteauneuf-sur-Loire
- Projet Art en Seine for the Fondation Culturespace
- Exhibition at the Château de la Bussière

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